London Marathon 2014: Shoes for Running

Posted By: Fyfo on 09 April 2014

Tongues back in your heads, yes that is Jake Gyllenhaal working up a sweat!

Photo from Fan Forum

It truly is the sporting season! Already this year we’ve been hooked on the winter Olympics, watched rugby matches, boat races, and horse riding. And whilst we love sitting back and watching national and global talents, it leaves many of us longing to get involved! Sports people at the top of their game inspire us mere mortals to get off the couch and do something!

Which is why events like The London Marathon are fantastic! A sporting stage that is accessible to the masses!

Now, we use ‘accessible’ in the loosest of ways! Of course a basic level of fitness is required, and a fair amount of training is involved. Running at this level takes dedication, planning and a commitment to fitness.

We would love to hear from you if you are running this year, so get in touch on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Thinking of running next year? Head to the official London Marathon website. Here you will find health assessment tips, training schedules, and advice to avoid injuries.

They say: “There’s more to training for the Virgin Money London Marathon than running – staying strong, flexible and injury free takes careful consideration.” And top of their list of tips, at number 1 is: Get the Right Footwear!

“Invest in some good quality running shoes to protect your bones, muscles, joints and tendons during your training. Depending on your weight and the type of shoe, most running shoes should last between 300 and 800 miles.”

So here are our recommendations, shoes to keep you at the top of your game… (Assuming your game is running!)

For the men:              

New Balance: As seen above, you can look good great in New Balance trainers! Made using lightweight FantomFit technology, the award winning 1260v3 trainers provide exceptional cushioning.

New Balance 1260v3 Trainers 

Vivobarefoot Stealth Trainers in Lime  

Vivobarefoot: A new approach to the running. We reccomend their Stealth trainers.. Vivo say: "Protect your feet, take control and let your feet perform - it's just you, 3mm of puncture-resistant, flexible and slip-resistant sole, and the road. They're durable, breathable, lightweight with a hex-mesh lamination upper that works seamlessly with your foot. You might not even notice they're on your feet - a true barefoot experience with the very latest in barefoot running footwear." What more could you ask for?!


For the ladies:

Hi-Tec: "For the runner who wants to transition to a more natural running style. The Nazka 5.0 features a dual density midsole with 5mm differential from heel to toe, potentially promoting a midfoot / forefoot strike rather than a heel strike. The Ortholite footbed guarantees lasting comfort, and the exclusive versatile Vibram trail outsole delivery superior traction." Want to know more? Check out Hi-Tec's video, here.

Hi-Tec Nazka 5.0 Running Shoes



Skecher's GOrun 2 Supreme Running Trainers


Skechers: From their GOrun 2 range, the Supreme trainer is the next generation of a serious minimal running shoe. Designed for speed with innovative performance technologies to promote a midfoot strike, it works as a great transitional shoe to foster a barefoot running experience.

Speaking of Skechers, until the 28th of April we are GIVING AWAY a pair of GOwalk shoes on our Facebook page!

So what are you waiting for?! Watch the marathon, get inspired, treat yourself to some snazzy trainers and get out there and get running! 


The Boat Race 2014

Posted By: Fyfo on 01 April 2014

The famous boat race between Oxford & Cambridge University has been taking place annually for 160 years this year.

The women’s race took place on Sunday 30th March, and saw Oxford storm to victory with a four length lead! The women’s race will air on Sunday 6th April before the live showing of the men’s race.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the race, or for those who just need a little refresh; the race takes place on the River Thames in West London between Putney and Mortlake, a 4mile stretch. There are 9 men per team, -eight rowers and a cox, who is the only member of the team to face the direction they are going! He shouts directions from the stern of the boat.

So far the stats stand at 81 victories to Cambridge and 77 to Oxford, with 1 dead heat in 1877, which is well worth a read about, here.

For us fashion lovers, just as important as the race is the way the guys rock their wellies, as well as their team colours! The teams wear dark and light blue, -Oxford in the dark and Cambridge wear light. Clockwise from the top these are our top Cambridge Vs. Oxford coloured footwear, so that you can show your support in style:

Iron Fist Turquoise Flats

Art Blue Strappy Sandals

Skechers Navy Go Walk 2 Loafers

Rockport Patent Blue Ankle Wellies

Gant Navy Samuel Plimsoles

Art Teal Cut Out Pumps

Thanks Mum!

Posted By: Fyfo on 26 March 2014

Mums are the most special people in the world, aren't they!? Everyone's got one, so why not use this special day of the year to say "thanks!" to yours, and remember why she's great! (And maybe remind her too!) 

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and at FYFO we are all up for gift giving, (and receiving -HINT), and so we bring you our top Mum-picks from our store!

1- First up, for practical-minded Mums, this satchel from Animal. Bags are a great Mum-gift, because frankly, a woman can never have too many! Good-sized bags like this are the best. Whether she's a young mum needing to carry children's essentials, or a working woman who needs everything to hand and with her at all times, -this is the perfect bag! 

2-  This pretty flowery purse from LYDC (London Young Designers Collection) is so pretty! At just £11.99 it is a steal, and perfect for those of us on a budget. The purse is even framed with diamantés for a luxe look!

3- The Lila clutch from Ruby Shoo is another great gift for your Mumma. Its modern, monochrome styling means it goes with any outfit, and is perfect for going out. -You could even take her out for dinner for a chance to use it!?

4- These fun and funky trainers are made by Gola. They are pretty and flowery, whilst sporty and practical! Now, shoes are a great present for Mums this Mother's Day, they show you know her style, and her shoe size! (Take a peak inside her favourite footwear on the sly to find this info!) And don't worry, we have a 60days return policy if they're not quite right!

5- Blowish are a young and fun brand, but this doesn't mean they can't be a little grown up too! The Blowfish wedge heel court shoes are perfect for Mums that are young at heart and fashion concious. Their heels are so colourful and give the shoes real character!

6- Everyone needs comfortable footwear, but don't comprimise on style. These flats from Rieker are ideal for all day, every day wear; and that is sure to be a hit with your Mum!

Have you spotted our floral theme here?! We are full of the joys of spring, plus we are almost certain your Mum likes flowers! Whatever your Mother's style we are sure to have something for her here at FYFO! Check out our Pinterest Mother's Day board here, and our Grabble selections here for more ideas. 

To help you on your way use promo code FBM005 to get 5% off a £50 spend until the end of March!

Remember it's all about being thoughtful, and saying thanks!


Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Posted By: Fyfo on 18 March 2014

Shh! The sun is in the sky, and if we are kind to him, maybe he''ll stay there! 

Rocket Dog Yarrow Shoulder Bag 


Here at FYFO we love a bit of sunshine, -there really is nothing better for putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

With this lovely weather comes a reason to refresh your wardrobe! Last years' loves may be looking a bit over-worn, or maybe you just fancy a change of style. 

Our top tips come in a simple 4 step plan:

Step 1: Have a good clear out! -Set aside at least a day for this. -Can't afford a whole day? Consider 2 half days! Say no to that coffee with a girlfriend and mark your calendar as 'busy'! Adopt a three box strategy of 'Keep', 'Sell', 'Bin'. Sometimes trying clothes and shoes on again helps too.

Step 2: Auction, Sell or Give! Take that sell box and consider your options. There are limitless ways to re-home your clothes, shoes and bags. Auction sites, local Facebook 'For Sale' pages, or even the good old-fashioned car boot sale! Or if you don't fancy the effort involved, maybe just give your items away. Offer them to friends and family, jumble sales or charity.

Step 3: Feel good! That hard work will leave you feeling great, we are sure of it. Excessive, unused items are said to give you the feeling of being weighed down. So now they are out of your hair it is time to feel free!

Step 4: Re-build! Now the fun begins. You've done so well, time to reward yourself and shop! That half empty closet may have you feeling a little lost and empty too. That's why step four is a rebuild. Take a look at what's left, those items you kept. You obviously love them too much to part with them, so take a moment to consider why. What is it about them you love. You can now shop based around this.

Think colour scheme, -it's such an easy way to ensure your Spring/Summer 2014 look is mix and match. This will make getting ready on a summer morning an absolute breeze! Think about shopping for timeless pieces and buying good quality items. Buy quality, buy once!

Here's 5% off when you spend £50 at to help you along your way! Promo Code: FBM005


Hush Puppies Cut Away Sandals- 100% Leather


Pikolinos Aztec Sandals- Made from real leather


Footwear Awards

Posted By: Fyfo on 11 March 2014

We've been blogging, sharing and tweeting all about Awards Season! But our favourite awards ceremony of all has to be The Footwear Industry Awards. It took place last month right here in the UK. Whilst we think all our shoes, boots and brands are winners, here are some of The Footwear Industry's champions:

Ladies Footwear Brand of the Year:

Winner: Rieker

We love Rieker here at Fyfo. They began making shoes in 1874, and there is not a thing they don't know about maximising comfort! Some of their newest arrivals are pretty snazzy, such as these colourful plimsoles:


Speaking of comfort...

The Comfort/Wellness Footwear Brand of the Year

Winner: Hush Puppies

Highly Commended: Skechers

The award for Fashion Footwear Brand of the Year went to Skechers too! This proves that the lifestyle footwear brand are a great all-rounder excelling in both fashion and comfort. Their Go Sail Deck Shoes are a perfect example of this, they have lightweight, cushioned soles and a stylish, nautical design!

Highly Commended in this category were Fly London


Sports Footwear Brand of the Year:

Winner: Hi-Tec Sports

Highly Commended: Merrell

Merrell Trail Glove 2 Trainers

Overall Footwear Brand of the Year:

Winner: Rieker

Highly Commended: Hi-Tec Sports

We are now left feeling like proud parents! These great quality brands are renowned in the shoe industry, well established and they are ever-evolving to suit tastes and trends. We appreciate the hard-work and efforts of these brands' designers, and we hope you do too!

The Oscars 2014

Posted By: Fyfo on 04 March 2014

The Oscars took place this week in Los Angeles. It was the 86th Academy Awards and needless to say, it was eventful!

The ceremony went on for hours but the event of the night goes to comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres! Her selfie with a whole range of A-Listers (including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrance and Meryl Streep) has gone mega-viral! She tweetwed the picture at 3:06AM Monday and as we write this at 3:06PM Tuesday there has been 3,131,450 retweets! (That's almost a whopping 87,000 an hour for a 36hour period!) Wow!

That aside, let's talk fashion... This, without a doubt, is the formal occasion of the year; and so nothing less than a full & flowing gown is acceptable! Beautiful as all the dresses were, it made our shoe-spotting a challenge!

Those we did spot were mostly black or nude, and either peep-toe or pointed. Pictured below is Anna Kendrick look fabulous in all black with some bow design peep-toe heels. We sell a similar pair, probably at a fraction of the cost, here.


Anna Kendrick in peep-toe heels. Photograph from Getty Images.

As for men's fashion, best dressed has to go to Pharrell Williams with his tux with tailored shorts combo! It takes a brave man to rock this look, and with legs like that Pharrell was most certainly the man for the job! We approve!

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP


The History of the Brogue

Posted By: Fyfo on 27 February 2014

Britain has a lot to be proud of, great achievements, inventions and discoveries. In the fashion world, surely there are few that can compare to the innovative creation of the brogue!

Originating in Ireland and Scotland, brogues were designed as a men’s walking shoe. They were made from untanned leather, and were designed with practicality in mind - with perforated holes for water drainage. (We thought they were for style!)

Traced back in history, brogues were traditionally worn by men, but as time went by the shoes became a popular women’s fashion item too. They were worn by fashion icon Twiggy in the 70’s, and more recently have been a favorite of fashionista Alexa Chung. These low-heeled, stylish shoes are now accessible to the masses, and can be worn for a range of occasions - as work wear, formal attire, or just for a day about town.

Here at FYFO we sell a wide range of brogues for both men and women. Let us introduce you to a few, along with a some fun brogue facts...

Gucinari Red Brown Brogues

These are our classic, red-brown leather brogues from Gucinari. Gucinari make a whole range of men's smart shoes, including plenty of brogues and brogue boots:

Gucinari Brogue Boots

Both of these pairs are what's known as full brogues. The classic wingtip style, characterised by the W shaped toe caps. The altenative to this what is known as the 'semi-brogue', (see below) with straight toe caps. The 'quarter brogue' is a version with plain toe caps, ie. without the perforations.

Paolo Vandini Presley Brogues

As mentioned, brogues are no longer just for men, check out these lovelies made for women:

Dolcis Flat Brogues



Odeon Blue Brogues

Aren't they gorgeous!? Team them with anything, and they are sure to look amazing. From quirky workwear or for casual days out. Speaking of quirky, did you know that there is a variety of brogues without tongues? They are traditional Scottish wear and they are known as Ghillies! 

When brogues come in two contrasting colours they are known as 'Spectator shoes': 

Gucinari Spectator Brogues

Last, but not least, the 'Monk brogues'! See below. The monk style refers to the buckle fastening. We think this gives them a really smart, classic look. Also, you will notice there is no patterning on these brogues. This is what is know as a 'blind brogue'. 

Hush Puppies Monk Brogues



Off Piste Boots

Posted By: on 21 February 2014

2014 has been an historic Winter Olympics for us Brits. They’ve seen us claim one of the best medal hauls in history, win our first ever medal on the slopes and retain the skeleton bob gold medal. So, we’re sure many of us are feeling inspired to get out there and hit the slopes.

So if you’ve got the winter sports bug and are taking a slope-side break of your own, why not check out a few of our favourite après ski boots.

We love these Skechers keepsakes starship snow boots with their faux fur lining.  They are stylish, practical and cosy – a winning combination!

If you want to stand out from the crowd then these colourful pink and purple Skechers synergy quack boots are for you.

Skiing is no excuse not to look your best when you hit the bar for a few well-deserved, après ski drinks.  These Marco Tozzi white lace up boots with fur lining are the perfect pair to team with your skinny jeans, big jumper and ski jacket.

If long snow boots aren’t for you, then these Merrell short fur lined lace up boots could be just right.  Their winter traction soles are practical, yet the fur lining gives them a feminine twist.

If it’s ease that you’re after, then look no further than these Hi Tec snowflake boots.  These ankle length, fur-lined boots with a button toggle fastener are elegant and simply great for the snowy weather.

London Fashion Week

Posted By: Fyfo on 19 February 2014

Sophia Webster AW14

2014’s London Fashion Week (LFW) ran from the 14th-18th February. It was put on by the British Fashion Council (BFC) and funded by a number of sponsors, including Vodafone. The five-day event showed over 100 catwalks featuring British designers’ collections as well as International designers’ work.

The busy capital of London is never short of events, but this week has been particularly exciting. “With the BAFTAs and the Brits taking place at the same time, let's celebrate the great British talent that is acclaimed around the world.” –Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

Themes ran throughout the designers’ collections, as always, and you can take a browse for yourself here, and see what’s going to be big for AW14 and into 2015. Here’s some key trends we spotted:

Shades of black, and masculine looks.

TOM FORD AW14                                                        Belstaff AW14

Leather. Patterns. Khaki.

Orla Kiely AW14

Flashes of gold and oversized cuts.

Nicole Farhi- AW14

Cellular and geometric prints. Fur accents.

Thornton Bregazzi AW14

Knee high boots, space age metallics and chiffrons.

Pringle of Scotland AW14

Monochrome and greyscale.

Shoes with pointed toes and with peep toes.

Lucas Nascimento AW14

Footwear that matches your outfit effortlessly.

Prints, patterns, textures and tassels.

Mulberry AW14

Dark greens, bold and bright oranges and pinks.

House of Holland AW14

Paloma Faith- LFW14

1205 AW14

Blurred lines between masculine and feminine.

Left you wanting more? Check out our LFW Pinterest board here.

All images from




Roses are Red...

Posted By: Fyfo on 06 February 2014

Valentines day is an emotional time of year for just about everyone.

Some singles feel sad, or lonely, and take to following in the footsteps of Bridget Jones for an evening in with a tub of ice cream! The most cynical folk use it for an excuse to rant about ‘the point of this holiday’, and vent some anger. But for those of us that are romantic at heart this occasion is just as fun as Halloween or Easter, and is the perfect excuse for a night of romance!

New romances and those in the honeymoon stages of their relationships can spend hours seeking that perfect gift that says ‘I love you’ like nothing else. Some may phone months in advance to secure a table at ‘that perfect restaurant’, and some even use it as a chance to propose marriage!

Whatever your plans, February 14th is the ideal occasion to dress up for the one you love! Now ladies, this is all about balance! (And we don’t just mean being able to walk in your heels!) Balance is showing the right amount of leg to be flirty, and the right amount of cleavage to stay classy! And we cannot stress enough DO NOT FORGET ACCESSORIES! There is nothing worse than picking the perfect dress and having nothing to wear with it!

Allow us to help! These Natalie heels from Ruby Shoo are that perfect balance of fun and feminine. Their petal bow print is the feminine, whilst their gingham print backs add a twist of fun. And in red these heels scream romance! (Plus their 4inch heel is manageable for most!)

And why stop there!? Ruby Shoo have designed a matching clutch bag! Fear not if the clutch style is not for you, -this cute bag has an optional chain shoulder strap! *Breathes sigh of relief!* 

So plan ahead, put that outfit together now, relax and enjoy Valentines day 2014! Do not despair! Pair these accessories with a little black dress and look fabulous! Red not for you? Ruby Shoo have a whole range of flirty heels and bags in beautiful prints. Shop our range here. 

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