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Rockport have been engineering comfortable footwear for both men and women since 1971.   Founded in Marlborough, Massachusetts by Saul L. Katz and his son Bruce Katz, the company quickly expanded and was soon selling footwear in 66 countries worldwide.   In 1985 Rockport were bought by Reebok, part of Adidas.                 

Today, they are still continuing to create comfortable, modern and stylish shoes for "metropolitan professionals" around the world. Designing collections that are sophisticated and stylish without compromising comfort or functionality, they offer everything you need from a footwear brand.        

Their philosophy is that of 'Walkability'. They are focusing on creating the "most walkable shoes in the industry". Mixing style and comfort is always a winner and Rockport really has what it takes to create footwear that men and women of all ages love.

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